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Doctors inject a 40% glucose solution intravenously once, and then organize a drip injection of a 5% solution. This scheme allows you to buy prednisone online the patient to consciousness and avoid the re-development of coma. In severe condition and the absence of a positive result, glucocorticoids, glucagon or adrenaline are used intravenously or intramuscularly. Intensive care unit. With the ineffectiveness of the above measures and the exclusion of other pathologies that can provoke a coma, procedures are carried out that stimulate the transport of electrolytes through the membrane walls of nerve cells.

The patient is connected to a ventilator, prednisone drugs that support the activity of the heart muscle and the tone of the blood vessels. A polarizing mixture is administered intravenously, which includes solutions of insulin, glucose and potassium chloride. The prognosis for the vast majority of patients is favorable. Adequate timely medical care minimizes the risk of death, hypoglycemia is successfully eliminated. Prevention lies in the correct supportive treatment of diabetes. adherence to a diet and regimen for the use of insulin, moderate physical activity without periods of physical inactivity or intense energy consumption.

Patients need to regularly monitor glucose levels, if they deviate from the norm, contact a diabetologist to find out the cause and adjust the dose of insulin. Symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemic coma. emergency care for insulin shock. The level of glucose in the blood is one of prednisone pills important indicators of the proper functioning of all physiological systems of the body. The clinic of precursors of hypoglycemic coma has mild external signs, the algorithm for determining which is difficult. It is the natural end of prolonged hypoglycemia (prolonged carbohydrate starvation). This is one of the few pathologies, the development of which occurs at lightning speed. The condition is extremely dangerous, in case of untimely medical care, it causes cardiac and respiratory arrest.


What is hypoglycemic coma. Hypoglycemiccoma (or insulin shock) is a reaction of the body, an acute condition of the nervous system, which is caused by a prolonged low concentration of glucose and high levels of insulin in the blood. The central nervous system (especially the brain) needs a lot of energy, it controls and coordinates the work of all organs and systems. When the activity of brain cells is disturbed, a sharp dysfunction of other physiological systems occurs, which leads to death.